WP Toolkit Smart Links Review And Bonus

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WP Toolkit SmartLinks Review And Bonus

Welcome to my review of WP Toollkit Smartlinks.

For those of you who follow me, read why blogs or are on my list you know that as of late I do not promote a lot anymore, the main reason being the quality of products being released..they are just not up to par… and if they are poor quality I would not promote them to you guys..its simple.

Now WP Toolkit SmartLinks is a wordpress plugin, I  do not usually promote wordpress logins as the majority are not something I usually endorse (If its no good I do promote it) but this is something that EVERY affiliate marketer needs!

WP Toolkit SmartLinks Review
WP Toolkit SmartLinks Review

What is WP Toolkit SmartLinks ?

If you are an affiliate marketer or any type of marketer and you use Facebook or any other Platform, Instagram, Tiktok etc you will know the power of these platforms. A single post with an affiliate offer can bring you hundreds of dollars in revenue. But… the platforms have got wise to this and now ban any direct affiliate offers….which is a serious pain!

The only way around this is to send your subscriber or potential customer to either your website or blog or a Google Doc with the affiliate link embedded inside…this just takes more time and effort.

WP Smart Links is the world’s first all-in-one link cloaker with powerful smart bridge technology that allows you easily make more sales with retargeting, while completely eliminating the risk of losing any commissions.

wp smartlinks review
wp smartlinks review

With WP Smart Links you will always use your own domain for your cloaked links. Your links will be pretty, inspire confidence and get a lot more clicks. I cannot stress how important this is.. a potential customer seeing a link coming from your own domain is super powerful, it gives you trust and professionalism and will increase your sales. (See above pic as an example)

WP Smart Links is a super simple to use WordPress plugin that can be added to your site with a single click, do not worry if you have never done this.. there is a full training video and it takes 30 seconds.. if you cannot do it I will get one of my team to do it for you!

Something that happens or a regular basis is affiliate theft, your site gets hacked, your URL changed and you are not even aware..WP Smart Links completely eliminates theft including theft  browser switching and ensures that you get paid for every sales, every time!

>>Watch The Full Demo Here<<


One of the main features of WP Smart Links is your email service or autoresponder will not BAN you link… it will not go to the SPAM folder. You will be the only person sending out emails promoting links on your domains. This greatly reduces the risk of getting blacklisted as spam and it will increase your views, clicks and sales!

And the best part for me is you can publish your link DIRECT into FB Messenger or Similar without getting banned!

WP Toolkit Smart Links
WP Toolkit Smart Links

Do I Recommend WP Smart Links?

There are other similar wordpress plugins like this, but 100% there is nothing like this on the market, this 100% will not only make your site and links secure you customer will love the defined new links that makes your site and links professional.. and the best bit you can post DIRECT into Facebook messenger instead of having to much about and make Google Docs or Websites just to get a sale! I am 100% using this plug in myself as I go forward and I hightly suggest you do to!

wp smart links review
wp smart links review

Grab WP Smart Links via my link today and I will give you all the below as a ThankYou… Please note some of these bonuses are on a limited offer.



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