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TikVideoCyborg Review And Mega Bonus

Hi, and welcome to my review of TikVideoCyborg (Thats a mouthful)! Now I do not usually affiliate Andrew Daruius’s software and too be honest a lot of them do not interest me… until I saw this!

Now as you know I only do two or three affiliate reviews a month, the main reason being there is a lot of software and training that is below par at the moment and I do not promote anything I do not believe in.. I want you guys to get the maximum use of anything you purchase… so before we get into the review.. I like this a lot!! (Keep reading)!

TikVideoCyborg review
TikVideoCyborg review

First off lets talk about TikTok..

TikTok is a powerful social media platform with over 800 million active users.This is the largest and quickest growing social media platform on the planet!

So as an online marketer you  cannot ignore it as it generates free traffic and sales through your  videos. For those of you who follow me I have joined up on TikTok and have had over 3400 views in 7 days to my simple 60 second videos.  >>See My TikTok Channel here

So the problem with TikTok and YT is video creation, it can take time.. to film it, edit it and get it right.. but there is a real easier way.. in fact is genius..TikVideoCyborg – This is an amazing software that creates TikTok videos for you.. yes I said FOR YOU!


What Does It Do?

TikVideoCyborg allows you to make hundreds of video and then automatically post them to TikTok , the best part is you can do this from your desktop computer! A real first!

So you can use TikTok FREE traffic for any offer or link of your choice for any niche OR growing your Youtube channel and help you rank youtube videos as well.

PLUS you do not need any experience or technical skills because it is super user friendly.

Its also 100% automatic – NO VIDEO CREATION OR EDITING. You just need to enter keyword,  the app goes to Youtube, finds videos, and then makes either regular or stop motion video from youtube..its amazing!

Watch The Demo Video Below


Post From Your Desktop!

This is the only Idesktop app which allows you to upload video to TikTok right from your desktop computer, regardless whether it is a PC or a Mac. You can post video instantly or schedule content for months ahead for hands free traffic.

TikVideoCyborg takes  fully automated video generation to the next level. Customers  love TikVideoCyborg’s proprietary PLNG technology because it allows them to do what no other app can!

Anyone can generate TikTok videos just by entering a keyword or hashtag. This is the only software that uses PLNG Technology right now, and it gives you direct access to the biggest free traffic ever.It can literally send your buyers traffic soaring..plus build your list at the same time.

By automatically leveraging the TikTok algorithm, TikTok challenges, and TikTok soundbites, PLNG technology is almost guaranteed to get you higher engagement and results.

On top of that you get unlimited usage, unlimited video generations, and unlimited number of posts so you can get unlimited buyers traffic for unlimited time.

Does this work….The below is a screen shot from my own account.

Thats 7891 views for short 10-60 second videos.. yes it works.

The software is super simple to use, you enter a keyword, the software finds a relevant video and thats it… it cannot be any easier..I love this.

Do I recommend TikVideoCyborg ?

100% Yes! I am just getting started on TikTok and already have seen the power it can bring.. the options are endless and I am actually going to concentrate on TikTok more that my YT channel at the moment! This is perfect for the newbie or experienced and the software is so easy anyone can use it.. I mean anyone it cannot get any easier. As usual there are some One Time Offers.. but you only need the front end, the whole system works perfectly just with this.. the OTO’s just speed it all up!


This upsell just takes your front-end version to the next level with additional features including: Mass Automatization, Mass Video Production, Mass Soundbite Randomization and Mass Scheduling.


In this upsell, you will be able to 10X your own traffic, or sell videos, or collect monthly checks from businesses, or do all that together! In addition, you can now work less and earn more with 10 extra licenses.


This upsell enables you to unlock automatic video generation also for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Likenin, Medium and Reddit. This acts as shortcut to flood of traffic from those giants platforms!


This upsell provides you access to DFY Affiliate Pages for top 35 products to promote on TikTok. They comes pre-loaded with reviews and bonuses!This app is totally beginner friendly and set & forget SIMPLE!


This upsell is a funnle builder to which you can one-click import all pages from 1 page Commissions.


In this upsell, you will be able to get your own domain name, double number of templates, access to over millions royalty free stock photos.

Grab This via my link and get all the below as my Bonus to you!


Bonus 1-TikVideoPoster Value $97 It is the first ever and currently the only desktop app, which allows you to upload video to TikTok right from your desktop computer, regardless whether it is a PC or a Mac, without the need to use the phone or risking having your account banned by using a web app. On top of that TikVideoPoster posts videos to TikTok in the most effective way with everything optimized for maximum engagement and traffic.

Bonus 2 Free Upgrade And Beta test Value $497 You will also get an upgrade to TikVideoCyborg version 2 for free, plus, on top of it, early beta access to that upgrade, before it is released to the general public. So if you get TikVideoCyborg today, you will not only get a TikVideoCyborg version 2 upgrade for free, but you will also get early beta access on top of it.

Bonus 3 TikTok Webinar Value $997 Because we want to reward action takers, we decided to also include $997 TikTok Business Coaching Webinar Training.You will be invited to TikTok Business Coaching Webinar Training hosted by the founder Andrew Darius.The webinar will be recorded for those who can not participate live, so you will be able to see it in any case.

Bonus 4 TikTok Home Study Course Value $1997 To help you succeed with TikVideoCyborg, you will get a big $1,997 TikTok Business Coaching Home Study Video Course. It is a brand new, never released before, home study video course. TikTok Business Coaching Home Study Video Course contains high value videos covering every aspect of growing a TikTok account and doing business on TikTok.You have never seen anything which can even come close to it. The course will go deep into TikTok itself, TikTok challenges, TikTok soundbites, and everything about TikTop Topic Marketing. You will learn all that we discovered about the TikTok algorithm including Batch Theory, Authority Ranking, Delayed Momentum, “For You” Theory, and more. You can take that understanding of the TikTok algorithm and apply it to your own videos so you can start blowing up fast on the platform

Bonus 5 Personal Access To Andrew Darius $4997 Because your success is very important to us, and we would love to hear your success story, you will also receive one more incredible bonus – one year access to privilege to ask the founder, Andrew Darius, any questions you have This is HUGE.You will be able to ask Andrew any question you have about TikTok and TikVideoCyborg. Because Andrew’s time is very limited, we offer this extraordinary bonus only to a small, exclusive group of people, so make sure to get a TikVideoCyborg before this opportunity is gone.

Bonus 6  Value $99 I will send you 125 Social Signals to your TikTok Video.. these are the highest quality you can get and are the guru’s secret weapon in getting traffic.. I usually charge $99 for this.. yours for free.

Grab Your Copy And My Bonus Here

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