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RepeatPayments Review And Super Bonus

Welcome to my review of RepeatPayments which is one of the easiest ways and newest ways to make money online.

RepeatPayments is a brand new affiliate marketing method that is literally exploding results for everyday people. It’s a great way to build some traction and momentum in your business by building your recurring affiliate passive income. A must see for anyone struggling, or wanting to increase their income.

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RepeatPayments is a one-of-a-kind software that first finds orphaned online real estate (Domains), then sends the BUILT-IN targeted traffic from them into pre-built subscription-funnels, generating monthly commissions (repeat payments) for its users. It really is that simple!

Jamie has been doing this for over 12 months, and has tons of his beta testers, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits so far!


So as you may know I know a little bit about domaining and brought my own product out last year called Flipadom-

You can see my review here ..

This was all about buying and flipping this is where Tom And Jamies new programme is different.. yes you are buying expired domains but you are buying expired domains with a ton of traffic still going to them! So what does that mean?

Well as you can see below I purchased the below domain which recently has over 200,000 searches per month going to I have a number of options.. I am going to to point this FREE traffic to one of my affiliate offers which means 200,000 odd views to it per month!

repeatpayments review
repeatpayments review

I like to practice what I preach so I bought the above  domain for myself!

I paid $11.00 on Godaddy for this for a years hosting! So now I will point this domain to a web offer and as a result get over 200,000 web searches a month direct to my affiliate offer.. this is true passive income!

With Jamie and Toms software you can point this traffic to an affiliate link or use one of their offers they supply including a DFY website and sit back and collect those commissions!!  Its simply brilliant!

I am now trying this myself and will report back in a month of the results but I know this works, its so simple and easy anyone can dos this!


FE –  RepeatPayments: $19.95

Repeat Payments is a software that first finds orphaned online real estate, then sends the targeted traffic from them into pre-built subscription-funnels, generating monthly commissions (repeat payments) for its users.Jamie has been doing this for over 12 months, as have tons of his beta testers, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits so far.

OTO 1 – R.P Unthrottled: $47.00

The FE for RepeatPayments allows for 20 searches per day. With our Unthrottled version, you get unlimited searches. This allows users to REALLY  go hard with this method, as it removes the income cap that the FE version has.

OTO 2 – R.P. Six Figure Generator: $97.00

With the main method, our software finds orphaned web properties, then monetizes the traffic with 3rd party subscription sites. Our R.P. Six Figure Generator takes it one step further, by auto-building THEIR OWN WEBSITES around each web property. These websites are set up to capture the email of everyone. So in addition to making recurring commissions from them, you now have all of them on your list, so you can monetize them over and over.

Additionally, we’ve proven for these sites to gain value over time, meaning that at any point, these sites can be sold (we show you how), for a quick cash injection any time it’s needed. In other words, this OTO packs one serious punch.

OTO 3 – R.P. 5 Figure Commissions League: $197.00

Users unlock the ability to make commissions up to $17,000 a pop. Yes, $17k, and repeatedly, as proven by Jamie and his students. Our 5 Figure Commissions League unlocks the software to reveal ALL the info and secrets (keywords, training, connections, the works) that Jamie personally uses to get high ticket commissions between $5,000 and $17,000. In addition to the software boost, you also get additional video training on exactly what to do to to hit these large commissions, and FAST.

OTO 4 – Jamie Does It For You: $397.00

LIFETIME access to Jamie’s WEEKLY live training, where members get personal coaching directly from him. This is invaluable, as Jamie is the Master of this method, and can help you accelerate your process dramatically.  Previously closed for new members, Jamie has agreed to open it up to R.P. members, for a limited time.

But just as importantly; this weekly training has been going on for a long time, and has a huge audience, including BUYERS. On every training, you can give any domain you’ve acquired using the RepeatPayments software, and Jamie will help you sell it right there and then (sometimes these traffic-flooded domains have a high value). This is great if you happen to need a quick cash influx.

OTO5: R.P. Entrepreneur Club: $197.00

Users of this OTO receive 6 more income streams. With R.P. Entrepreneur Club the members get INSTANT, fully upgraded access (complete funnels) 6 of our other best selling income systems as their own.

These include Profitinjector, Cryptoblueprint, CashGrab, WealthyAgency, FilmDegree and BankRamp – THOUSANDS of dollars worth of award winning income systems at a fraction of the regular price.

My Overall Conclusion 

RepeatPayments is a unique idea that cannot fail..I mean it.. if you follow the video tutorials you cannot fail to make a passive income using this method.. I have done this perviously and I currently have an expired domain pointing to my main website (This One) that gets me thousands of extra views a month for free.

So does this work..100% yes it works and is a brilliant method to make a passive income forever!


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Bonus 1 : Flipadom Value $27. Get my Best Selling Domain Programme which has sold over 2000 copies! I show you EVERYTHING I do to make money selling domains including where to buy them for a few dollars and sell them for $125.. you can do this time and time again!

Bonus 2 : Domain Dynasty Value $12.95. This course is split into 2 main money making sections and a third section on scaling and growing this into a business.

Bonus 3 “$17k Domain Flipping Case Study” A video tutorial on YT which shows you how to make 17k buying and selling domain names.

Bonus 4 How to Sell Domains Like A Pro A video tutorial on how you can make even more money selling domains.

Bonus 5 Domain Flipping Super Affiliate More video tutorials to ensure you have loads of options to make money buying and selling domains.

Bonus 6 Turning $10 Into $388 In A Day Domain Flip Case Study Buy cheap sell high! Thats what this bonus is all about!

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