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Quick Start Challenge Blog-Build A Business In 30 Days!

Craig Crawford & Dean Holland have once again released the Quick Start 30 Day Challenge for 2018 so its time to get excited people! Craig and Dean have launched a 30 day, Risk-Free LIVE coaching course that over a series of live webinars (There are recorded if you miss them) where they show you how they turned their business into a successful full time income…. the bad news….. this offer is now closed!

The Quick Start Challenge has been released before and as a result there are thousands of successful affiliates now making a regular passive income as a result of following Craig and Deans established methods. This amazing course started in 2012 and just gets better and better each year..this really is one of the best ways to start you internet marketing career and make the money you deserve. Have a search on the internet and see the hundreds of positive testimonials from hundreds of happy customers.. this is just amazing!

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The 2018 Quick Start Challenge brings even more value and new methods to ensure that you succeed.. the guys show you everything you need to get started… I mean everything, If you follow their methods, impliment what you are shown and taught there is no way you cannot get to $100 days!

Quick Start Challenge 2018
Quick Start Challenge 2018

Craig and Dean are experienced marketers, between them they have years of experience in making money online and are action takers… for me the most important part of being in the IM World… ‘Taking Action’ is in fact my tag line! Craig  has released numerous products before such as  Kiwis 2.0, Traffic Studio, Outsources Bible and many more!

How Does It Work ?

Each week  Craig and Dean release webinars where they provide step by step training on what you need to need to implement their system, at the end of each video you are given some homework to implement before the next video… forcing you to take action!  ( I actually love this)!

Not only does this make you motivated Craig and Dean give away prizes for completing the weeks homework.. its a win win for everyone ! The course is over five weeks and laid out as below.

  • Step #1: Lay The Foundations

This is NOT where we talk about some positive mindset or any of that typical stuff people through around… There is ONE specific thing you need to do that will allow you to hit the ground running and then go on to magnetically attract people to you and turn them into raving fans… which of course leads you straight to the making money and have a viable business.

  • Step #2 Initiate Income Streams

Time to discover the difference in the types of income streams you can implement into your newly formed business and immediately initiate them ready for big pay days! (SPOILER ALERT: There’s 1 thing they’ll reveal here that very few people know about that makes me $1,000+ DAYS! …and it can be done by complete newbies)

  • Step #3: Fire Up The List Building Engine

You know you need one, so it’s time we just made it happen… Let’s fire up your very own “list building engine” – this is a very specific 2-phase list machine that will not only build your email list but also automatically make you commissions at the very same time! (NOTE: If you’ve ever worried about “hat to say” or “Not having any value to share with a list” or “what if they don’t like me or I say the wrong things” …this is PERFECT for you (I used to feel the exact same way but they’ll solve that for you in just 60 minutes!)

  • Step #4: Deploy Automated Income System

YES! You really can make money whilst you sleep but only if you implement this one thing! They’ll walk you through it and quickly and easily setup your automated income system so that it puts commissions into your pocket 24/7

  • Step #5: Turn On The Traffic Tap

Now the stage is set, it’s time to turn on the traffic and let you system crank out commissions for you! There’s free traffic and paid… In fact there’s 1 free method that’s working insanely well for them right now that you’ll soon discover.. (It put $463 in their bank from about 30 minutes work just the other day)

Closing Thoughts

For those that know me I am an affiliate just starting out, well its been six months and I have had a bit of success.. but I was intrigued by this offer and actually bought it myself! Have joined up to see what pieces I am missing and to hopefully learn something along the way.

As the course is not finished I cannot give you my overall thoughts but from what I have seen and researched this is a no brainer not only for new affiliates but for experiences and not so experienced (me) marketers!!

I will update this blog as we go along… watch this space!

Bobby D

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