Print Monkey And Mega Bonus Full Review

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Print Monkey And Mega Bonus Full Review

Welcome to my review of Print Money (Yes its a very weird name).!!

So before I get into this review you may have noticed I am not doing many affiliate reviews, the main reason being that the majority of products being released I personally don’t think are up to par. So I do not review them. If I do an affiliate review then it usually means I like it and the method works.. which is why I am reviewing Print Monkey.. you can make money with this method!

print monkey review
print monkey review

So what the hell is Print Monkey?

`You may have heard of ‘Done For You Campaigns’ before, a lot of the big  affiliates say they offer this but they never actually deliver on a fully done for you campaign..but the good news is Print Monkey is fully is Done For You.. all you need to do is send traffic..and you make money!

Print Monkey gives your 15 fully done campaigns including the sales page and the bonus page… and yes this includes all the bonuses as well! So you simply press a few buttons (See my review further down) and you are ready to go!

print monkey review
print monkey review

So how does this speed things up?

When I put an affiliate campaign together it takes time, in total about 3 hours, and as I work full time have six kids and a crazy spaniel my time is limited!  So this is what I would usually do :

Search Warrior Plus or Muncheye to find an offer that will convert. Then create bespoke bonuses that can take me a ton of time,then write at least 3 emails to send out to my list, then set it all up and then send free traffic to it. Now this is where Print Monkey come into play…its all done for you.. and I mean all done for you..

print monkey review
print monkey review

Brendan calls this “Print Monkey” because you get 15 of his top-performing affiliate marketing campaigns ready to go in a “PRINT.” All you have to do is ‘copy and paste’ and you’re on your way to money in your PayPal.

Inside the members area you will have access to the  done for you campaigns, and its so easy to set up.

  1. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll have you first campaign up and ready to make you money in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Offering bonuses is one of the big keys to making big money with affiliate marketing You’ll get the top-quality bonus page and the included bonuses, so you can make as much money as possible.
  3. Each campaign also includes professionally written email swipes that are battle-tested and proven to boost profits on every single campaign. With my email swipes, you’ll be able to setup a campaign and make money while you sleep.
  4. Everything will be hosted for free for you so you don’t have to worry about buying a domain, hosting, or anything else. All you have to do is enter a few details (like where you want to get paid) and everything else is 100% ‘done for you.’




You also get a full case study of exactly what to do and this alone is great value. Brendan will show you how to make money with the 15 campaigns that are included. You are also shown how Brendan made $1000 in an hour of using this method and  how to get free traffic to these DFY campaigns. All you have to do is ‘Copy And Paste’ your way to success.

print monkey review
print monkey review

What Do I Think Of Print Monkey?

I am going to be totally honest here, I do not usually promote Brendans products for a number of reasons which I won’t go into here. But I received a review copy of Print Monkey and I like it!

Why? This is actually a complete DFY package that you cannot fail at. Not only do you get the exact sales page that Brendan uses you also get all his bonuses and his sales literally just point some traffic at this and make sales. It really is a DFY deal. As part of my bonus package I will be giving you some great free methods to drive traffic to these offers so have a look below.

So do I recommend Print Monkey.. Yes 100%

There are some OTO’s to consider but the front end is all you need to get started.

FE: $12.95 on a Dime Sale (Print Monkey) 13 “Done For You” campaigns with case studies and awesome tutorials.

OTO 1: Traffic Training How to get traffic to the done for you campaigns.

OTO 2: Lifetime Campaigns Get monthly campaigns from us for life. This is a “one time” payment with no recurring fees whatsoever.

OTO 3: Easiest System Ever Everything all set up and good to go for easy profits.

OTO 4: Limitless Traffic We are going to allow 100 people siphon the traffic directly from our sales pages. An excellent investment…

OTO 5: License Rights License Rights: 100% Commissions on the entire funnel

If you grab Print Monkey from the links in this website I will send you all the below bonuses for FREE. You will have INSTANT access to these so you can take action and make even more money!


If you grab Print Monkey from the links in this website I will send you all the  bonuses for FREE. You will have INSTANT access to these so you can take action and make even more money!


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