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One Minute Magic Review And Bonus

Welcome to my review of One Minute Magic by super affiliate Trevor Carr and Mark Furniss. Now before I go on I personally know both Trevor and Mark..

Trevor and  I have launched many products and Mark was my mentor and YouTube Guru when I was building my YT channel so I know both of these guys are 100% honest in everything they do.

one minute traffic review
one minute traffic review

Before I get into this review there are three things you need to know..three important things..  

No 1- This is not a push button make a million pounds system..this is not a press a button get free traffic for life that makes $500 a day…

No 2- I have 100% trust in Trevor and Mark– they are only a handful of super affiliates I really trust not only personally but in their training..anything they bring out is Real Training, Real Case Studies and quite simply anything they bring out works..its really that simple.

No 3- I only promote what works, I do not email or write a review for every product that gets sent to me..and I get a lot!

I have personal experience of this training and I will show you EXACTLY how it has worked for me as we go into this review..This actually really works!

one minute traffic review
one minute traffic review

So What Is One Minute Traffic ?

One Minute Magic is a fast and easy strategy for cashing in on one of the hottest platforms of the moment, Tik Tok!  Mark  has already built up over 2,000 followers and has been pulling in affiliate commissions using simple videos (no face on cam) that are no longer than one minute long.

As I previously mentioned I personally have experience using this training and I went from zero followers on Tiktok to over 200 in about 8 days, below is a screenshot of my actual TikTok account >> You can see my account here (And Subscribe)!

One Minute Traffic
One Minute Traffic

So as you can see it works.. now the best bit about Tik Tok is you can make super short videos from 30 seconds to 1 minute that convert amazing! In the below screen shot you can see some of the views I have been getting which you get much faster than YouTube.. the potential of Tik Tok is just massive.

There are Tik Tok videos getting million of views which can generate a substantial amount of money for what ever niche they are in.. I am doing videos around the Make Money Online Niche which is a massive niche on Tik Tok particularly in the current climate.. There are Tik Tokers in this niche making hundreds of dollars per day.. without showing their face on video.

The below is MY OWN ACCOUNT using this method

one minute magic review
one minute magic review

Watch My Full Review Below Here -Click PLAY To Start

Lets Talk About The Training

Mark and Trevor have made this super simple, and I mean super simple. This is all done with over the shoulder videos that Mark keeps simple and easy to understand.. honestly Marks style is perfect for anyone wanting to pick up this training is super quick time.

The training is broken down into a number of short sections. You have an overview of TikTok and some examples by Mark, then four videos on how to set up your account to Marks tips and tricks then 6 short videos on how record your video and use tags, again with secret tips by Mark and finally a best practice guide to get you off to a flying start..real down to earth training that works.

I cannot state the importance of using Tik Tok and you 100% DO NOT have to have your face on camera, Mark shows you show of the biggest accounts where the owner never shows his face and Mark shows you EXACTLY how to do this.

So What Do I Think Of One Minute Magic?

Honestly I LOVE this and 100% Highly recommend this to you.

If you are after the biggest FREE traffic source for a minutes work it gets no easier than this. Remember I have personal experience of this so just check out my account to see how easy this is.

If you are worried about making 10 minute videos on YT due to having to show you face to camera or running out of things to say worry no more.. You can achieve even better results in                ONE MINUTE FLAT using One Minute Magic and I am testimony of that myself..

This Works SIMPLE.

There are a number of OTO’s with this offer.

OTO1 $37 -Done For You MMO Videos. Users get 20 videos they can use straight away.  Also comes with researched products for each set of videos with high ticket commissions and monthly recurring payments. 

OTO2 $67  Hot Niches Outside MMO This dives deeper into other niches and also includes products to promote and lead magnets. Other niches. Training. Where to get memes etc. Dog niche, sleep niche… Numerous methods to create TikTok videos without being on camera or talking and full automation. (Bobby D Recommended OTO 2 for a quick start)

OTO3 Licence Rights 100% Commission Bump $97  100% commission bump on the funnel (once the launch closes)

Grab One Minute Magic Via My Link Today And I Will Give You All The Below To Help You Make Even More Money Online.

Bonus 1- Tik Tok Mastery Made Easy- TikTok Marketing has become the best technique for marketers to make the most of Tik Tok with over 20 sections on how to be successful with Tiktok.

Bonus 2- Tik Tok Mastery Made Easy Video Course- A full 21 videos on how to use TikTok with the latest tips and tricks.

Bonus 3- Tik Tok Mastery Made Easy Video Course Upgrade- Even more quality videos nohow to master tiktok- you now literally have everything you need to master this platform!

OTO Bonuses- Grab OTO 2 Hot Niches Outside MMO and I will send direct to a TikTok video of your choice 50 high quality views which will help rank and explode your video and channel!

Vendor Bonuses

Bonus 4- How to Make Money Online With Warrior Plus Warrior Plus is the biggest affiliate platform and its super easy to use and make money with when you know how..Trevor will show you exactly what he does and how.

Bonus 5- How to Make Money Online for Beginners A brand new newbie or just lost- Trevor will show you what you need and should be doing to make money online today.

Bonus 6- How to Create Digital Products to Sell Online FAST The easiest way to make money online is by releasing your own’s exactly how I started and you can to by following Trevor advice.

Bonus 7- The BLUEPRINT To Making Money Online In 2020 Trevor will show you how to make money on 2020 and beyond.

Grab One Minute Magic Via My Link Today And I Will Give You All The Above To Help You Make Even More Money Online.




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