My Story

How I Went From Failing Newbie Wasting Serious Money To An Experienced $100 Day Internet Marketer In 6 Months!



Hopefully my story will give YOU the motivation to succeed and TAKE ACTION!

Everyone dreams of the internet lifestyle, the flashy cars, the beach holidays, the one hour a day working…. is this possible… for some yes.. but for 99 % of us no.

Is Internet Marketing Easy?

Is It Hard?

I will explain exactly what happened to me and how I got to where I am now, and believe me if I can do it anyone can… I will explain how after years of wasting money I decided to take ACTION and turned my life around in 6 months.

How it all started

First off a bit about me..I am married, I work full time averaging 60 hours a week,I have six kids, a large mortgage and a needy wife!  But life is good!

I have always been someone who has an interest in pushing themselves to do more and learn new things, and I also have an interest in earning extra money.. Now here is the thing.. I have always been in jobs that pay well but I always wanted more.. I like the finer things in life like we all do, the holidays, a nice car, to be able to pay bills and not worry.. having six kids there are always money worries around the corner and I have not even started on weddings and college yet!

To make extra money I have dabbled in almost everything, some worked, some failed but I always give 100% in everything I do and remain focused.

The Long Road To Making Money

When I was 24 I decided I would sell cars.. I am not a mechanic and did not know to much about buying and selling cars  but I knew that people always needed cars, a bit like haircuts!  

So I researched, got $1000 together and went to a car auction in Colchester. It was the end of the summer and I drove out in a 10 year old Mazda MX5 purchased for $1000.

I took the car home and spent a day cleaning it.. it looked immaculate. I advertised it on EBAY with a reserve of $1000 (Worse case I got my money back). 7 Days later the car sold for $ a middle aged man who may have been having a mid life crisis!  

Buy hey, it sold and I made a great profit. Over the next 4 years I bought and sold hundreds of cars and the money enabled us to have the extras that we all deserve.. oh I forgot to mention, I was working a full time job as well….3 Years later the recession hit and I was stuck with a load of cars (Six actually), I managed to shift them all but lost around $4000 in total.

So now what.. I was now looking at Internet Marketing but did not know enough and it was still in its infancy.. So I went  to Ebay. I took a mentor on which cost me $1500 and between us we choose a niche on Ebay which would enable me to start a store and hopefully make money..

We chose Hoover Bags (Yes Hoover Bags) as my selected niche. After leasing with China and getting samples I made my first online purchase…10,000 Hoover Bags!! My wife was not impressed when a large lorry arrived outside my house and dumped off 6 large palettes with a few hundred boxes on!

My house became a hoover bag factory and we had them literally everywhere. Anyway, after two months I was an ebay Powerseller, I sold 10,000 hoover bags….now what.. To progress I needed more, I needed to order 50,000 but I did not have the money.. so I waved goodbye to Ebay and moved on. (And yes, this is still a great niche to get into)!

Next I tried importing. I researched Ebay and found the best selling items, digital cameras and memory cards. I liaised with China and imported a few thousands pounds worth of electrical equipment. Then customs seized it all and put a levy on it, another thousand pounds!  I sold them as quick as I could and once again moved on!

Internet Marketing.

So it’s now 2017 and I am reading a lot about internet marketing. This looks interesting. I learn about funnels, magnets, squeeze pages, Facebook Groups and email lists. I learn as much as I can. I invest $349 in a mentors course and learn the basics. I start to make the odd $50 here, $100 there but nothing consistent. Although very keen I needed a bit of guidance…

The Turning Point

Fast forward to 2018. I knew the basics of internet marketing and now needed to piece it all together.

I joined a course and once again parted with some money… but it was different this time. I made a promise to myself I would make this work…give it 100%.

So I decided to put together a product, I had never done this before ever. I just decided to take ACTION. I had experience in domain flipping so put together 11 videos on how I do it. I showed my results. I emailed  three super affiliates to see what they thought of it thinking they would not ever open their emails. I was wrong! All three responded saying they wanted it! Next thing I knew Flipadom is born and 1800 sales made, and still selling! And it got WSO of the day TWICE! On my first product! AMAZING!

Now I knew I could do it. Other affiliates were talking about me, the buzz was amazing! I had super affiliates emailing me asking me to promote their products. I never had to ask for a review copy again! My email list went from a few hundred to a few thousand overnight.. I started to promote more products using my site, my list and You Tube and began to make daily sales. 

I then brought out to two more products, 20 Minute Tactics and 20 Dollar Days on my own, sold over 450 copies in a few days… and forgot to say… I still work 60 hours a week.

So roll on to January 2020 to where I am now.. I easily do on most days $100 days affiliating products, I have another WSO in the pipeline which will be a big launch, adding to my list daily and starting to get into a good place! I plan to continue, build and turn my $100 days into $250 dollar days by the end of year..

How did I do this… I took ACTION. 99% of you reading this will take no action… I know how it feels, its seems hard, an uphill struggle… to be honest it is… BUT… 

>>>>Want to know how– Click Here

Focus, Take ACTION and YOU can do it…. I did so anybody can!

To Your Success

Bobby D


20 Replies to “My Story”

  1. Brilliant Bobby well done im gonna follow in your footsteps , it is hard to getstarted though , but unless as you always say we take action we wont move forward . Cheers Pete

  2. Wow Bobby, thanks a lot for your inspirational story.. I’m just behind you so if you made it this year with the help of genuine gurus and taking action. I now know that this reality will happen for me too as I follow in your footstep!!!

  3. Hi Bobby,

    All the best to you and have a great year, I’m still in the process of building my site and also a big fan of Jono Armstrong, and Trevor Carr Brendan Mace also just finished purchasing Hookum. So Bobby until next time.

  4. Bobby.
    Love the story!
    I feel the exact same way. After purchase upon purchase, this one I’m going full throttle! I’m ready to take action and assume my rightful place in huge world called digital marketing!


  5. I stumbled across Bobby D one day when I 1st found Jono Armstrongs Youtube. I saw his review of “20 min Tactics”. It was one of the 1st IM products I ever watched a review of, and it was like $10. Figured what the hell, let’s give it a try. Worst case, I’m only out $10 if I hate it. I went thru that training and still to this day it is the best $10 I ever spent.

    Though we had very limited interactions, you always come across as a very helpful, ethical person. Unlike 80% of the people in this space, you actually took the time to answer whatever questions I had, and your very approachable. Please don’t ever change Bobby, you are the marketer I hope one day become like.

    And in closing, I bought Fiverrlicious, and I’m in the process of setting up a gig and getting started. I’m “TAKING ACTION” and you always say…lol. Again….thank you for showing me the path.

  6. Hi Bobby, it’s me your Coffee Shop Profits affiliate 🙂 You have always been an inspirations – to keep trying and focusing on goal and family

  7. Hi Bobby
    I was blown away by your story to success. I t has inspired me to take action.
    I have recently purchased Fiverrlicious and I am presently going through the training. It has really got me fired up and I shall definitely put what you have taught into action.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    Charles Leo
    Cape Town
    South Africa

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