Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 Review

Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 Review


Ministry Of Freedom 2.0
Ministry Of Freedom 2.0

Welcome to my honest review of Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 by super affiliate Jono Armstrong.

Some of you will have heard of Jono Armstrong, who without doubt is the most successful affiliate marketer on the planet making millions of dollars every year selling online training and software in the affiliate marketing space.

I first got involved in Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 about a year ago after I was sick of buying shiny object after shiny object and basically wasting my money.

I first heard of Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 in some online forums and read the numerous success stories of how complete newbies were making money online… this intrigued me and I set out to find if this was the truth or another online scam. You can see the sale page here.

So What is Ministry Of Freedom 2.0

Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 is the only online training you will ever need to make money online. 

This is the most comprehensive online course I have ever seen with clear easy to follow steps to ensure you succeed in your new online business.

These are some of the elements covered :

  • How to do launch jacking with YouTube.
  • How to build a list using paid traffic.
  • How to create your own product.
  • How to set up your own launch.
  • How to use YouTube Ads for endless paid traffic.
  • And a ton more! Everything you could ever need to succeed online.

There are over 100 videos in this course spread out over  9 weeks. Let’s look at some of the topics covered..

  • Week 1: Mindset, Commitment & Success
  • Week 2: Tools and Applications
  • Week 3-4: Launch Jacking
  • Week 5: Advanced Launch Jacking
  • Week 6: Soft Launching
  • Week 7: Email Marketing
  • Week 8: Product Launching
  • Week 9: Paid Traffic

You are also shown how to :

  • Course Introduction
  • Organic Module
  • List Building With Paid Traffic
  • Software Research & Outsourcing
  • Video Ads Archive
ministry of freedom 2.0
ministry of freedom 2.0

There are two things I really like about Ministry Of Freedom 2.0, the first is the money back guarantee should this not make you money online, (It works simple), second is the customer service. Jono’s team is 26 strong and will answer all your questions no matter how basic or complicated, these staff are experts in their field and always happy to help 24/7. I have never seen customer service like this ever!

The below screen shot is my account for August- as you can see its off to a flying start!

Ministry of Freedom 2.0
Ministry of Freedom 2.0

Ministry of Freedom will not be for everyone.  Its a high ticket course that will take some time to go through…But as long as you follow the system you are GUARANTEED to make money. No other training offers this cast iron guarantee.

If you have bought courses before and failed its because of two things.. the course did not work( most do not) and you did not take action…put the time in to make it work.

With Ministry of Freedom 2.0 if you take action you will make money simple.

Ministry of Freedom 2.0 is the best course I have ever seen… and I am proof it works. I do affiliate marketing part time, as in 3 to 4 hours a week and consistantly pull in $3000+ a month… not bad as a top up to my full time job.

How much you make is up to you but if you follow the system, take action and do this full time you could easily pull in $10,000 a month with a little effort. 

Jono also hosts a live webinar if you want to watch it and ask any questions… you can register here for free

Does this work… 100% Yes. I am proof of this.
If you are looking to do this part time or full time and take the time to put into practice all the training there is no reason why you cannot be making thousands of dollars a month from home within a month.
Jono offers a 100% money back guarantee if this does not work for you.  If you get this today you will get this at a discounted price but this will rise shortly so save even more money and change your life starting today.
If you’re ready to join, click the button below..see you on the inside!
Ministry of Freedom 2.0
Ministry of Freedom 2.0