Javascript Commission Bot Review

JavaScript Commission Bot


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JavascriptCommission Bot Review

Welcome to my review of Jono Armstrong’s latest software training JavascriptCommission Bot.  Now as you will know I have not been promoting a lot of training/software recently simply because the quality of some of the most recent releases have been…shall we say no up to par!
So if you are reading this its because I think its worthy of a review and I like it!

javascript commission bot
javascript commission bot

So What Is JavascriptCommission Bot ?

We all want that push button solution, something that is plug & play, well your want may have just come true!
JavaScript Commission Bot addresses the 2 biggest issues that we all face in the  MMO Niche; Traffic & Monetisation. Jono has come up with a REAL automated solution that literally as the potential to  DELIVER cash into your account on complete autopilot!
JavaScript Commission Bot
JavaScript Commission Bot
JavaScript Commission Bot is super easy to use and I mean super easy, Jono has made this software so ANYONE can use only need have Chrome and you can use it!
There are two elements to JavaScript Commission Bot.. this is how simple this is..
Element 1- Traffic: Jono has  created a“Javascript” Chrome extension that“follows”the followers of a target on both Instagram & Twitter. This chrome extension is 100% safe as it works at a BROWSER LEVEL meaning that any updates that IG or twitter implement will NOT effect how this works. This element ensures a steady automated flow of TARGETED traffic that’s 100% free.
Element 2- Monetization: Jono has crafted 2 of his BEST converting campaigns that you can use to send this free traffic too, all hosted by Jono.
JavaScript Commission Bot
JavaScript Commission Bot
So what does this mean?
The Chrome extensions will automatically follow accounts you choose.. so an as example..if you are in the MMO niche and follow Grant Cordone (3.5 Million Followers) you select Grant Cordone’s Twitter or Instagram Account and the software will follow his followers..
Now you only follow Grant Cordone if you are interested in making money…so you now follow people who are also interested in making money.. they see you account.. you put in a link in your BIO and if they click you make sales.. see where this is going!!
The amount of FREE traffic you can get from Instagram and Twitter is simply crazy and I have personally used Twitter in the past to make money so I know it works.
Jono will also give you two of his biggest converting campaigns you can use to post on Twitter and Instagram or put as your BIO.. these are PROVEN campaigns to work that make money on demand. As we know Jono brings out quality products which I also have reviewed on my new YouTube Channel

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Do I Like JavaScript Commission Bot..
Simply Yes.. This has great potential and is perfect for evergreen free a few weeks you could have hundreds if not thousands of followers all looking at ways to make money.. all you need to do is post and wait for the results to roll in!
Upgrade 1  – “JavaScript Commission Bot Pro” $47 Unlimited Everything –
Upgrade 2 ($97) – JavaScript Commission Bot DFY Campaigns:
Upgrade 3 ($197) – High Ticket DFY Funnel + Limitless Traffic  x7 “Proven” high converting campaigns from Jono’s personal campaigns collection.
Upgrade 4 ($197) – 4 Apps Resellers License Bundle Combined Reseller rights to our 4 top seller softwares.
Grab JavaScript Commission Bot from my links and get all the below as a Thankyou for purchasing this from me.
Please NOTE Some The Bonus Software Is LIMITED 

Bonus 1- Social Signals : Getting backlinks and social signals to your website or offer is super important.  This is a super ninja trick that the big affiliates use.. they send Social Signals to every promotion which helps rank their webpage. I will send 120 Tumblr Social Signals to your website or offer to give it that Ninja Boost!    First 25 Sales ONLY

Bonus 2- 1000 Visitors : I will send 1000 visitors to your blog or website. This is Super Powerful and will give your website or blog and massive SEO boost that GOOGLE just loves! First 25 Sales ONLY

Bonus 3-  Everyone wants FREE Traffic. I will show you one of the easiest ways to get FREE traffic that takes a few minutes but can bring a serious amount of traffic to your offers.

Bonus 4- Crazy Traffic Explosion. How to get free traffic to your website, easily drive 100-500 clicks a day to any offer you want plus more tips and tricks.
Bonus 5- Printly. Jono’s best selling training that I can offer to you for FREE. Make over $200 with a 20 minute setup over and over again.. this was deal of the day and one of Jono’s best selling products. First 25 Sales ONLY
Bonus 6- Instagram Made Simple. How to use Instagram to drive tons of FREE traffic to your offers or website. A super easy and profitable method to use.
Please NOTE Some The Bonus Software Is LIMITED 


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