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Get Domains Review- Bobby D

Welcome to my review of Get Domains . Now before I start let me say I like this… a lot!

Why? Its my own Product! Yes my own training so of course its good!

I do not do many reviews at the moment as to be honest there is a lot of lets say non ethical launches..promises of free traffic…$1000 days…. its not gong to happen. But.. Get Domains is REAL training. Its a system that works and always will work..forever..

Get Domains Review

What is Get Domains?

I will show you an evergreen method of making money when ever you want. Literally when you need some fast cash you implement this method and you can make sone quick cash! This is real training that you can do part time or full time. I will show you EVERYTHING I have learnt over the years and the results I have pulled in.

Anyone that follows me knows I am transparent and open and hide nothing.

Get Domains Is…

●  It is Easy, Fast and Effective
●  No Previous Experience Necessary
●  No steep learning curve, start as soon as today
●  No list required
●  No paid advertising required
●  Uses FREE traffic to get incredible results

Get Domains is over the shoulder  video training that shows you an easy method of identifying profitable domains that you buy cheap and sell on for a significant profit.

I will show you where to  find deleted and expired domain names, which are available to buy, and the hottest domains to buy at the moment..get in early with these and you can make a killing!

Inside the member’s area are 15 videos which talk you through:

  1. How to filter out the appropriate domain names on the domain databases.
  2. How to identify valuable domain names.
  3. Where to sell them for the highest profit.
  4. How much you need to charge to turn a profit.
  5. And a few other tips and tricks. And a Ton More!

Get Domains does not limit any type of users. It is suitable for all types of users regardless of what background they have. As long as you commit to the method and follow the instruction strictly, making money by buying and selling domains is not hard at all, its flipping easy!

Watch My Full Review Below CLICK PLAY!


So if you are looking for an actual real business that you can do full or part time and a business that actual works then grab copy of get domains!


OTO1 – Double Your Income –I will show you an amazing method where you can find millions of domains to sell  that are in demand 24/7. Find these domains and flip them real quick with my unique method of buying and selling! $47.00

OTO2 – My Secret Webpage And Email Method: Another method I use to bring in the case. I will show you how to set up simple webpages that do all the selling for you ! Plus my email method of pulling customers in everytime! $37.00

OTO3 – Licence Rights: – Everyones favourite! Grab the licence rights and claim 100% of the full funnel. That means your get 100% profit on everything! As this is evergreen this is your chance to make some serious money! $97.00

OTO4 – Lets Launch!:  – I have never offered this before but I will help you make a new product, help with the sales page and copy and bring it to market! Lets get you started in affiliate marketing! $997.00


Grab Get Domains from my link and get all the below for FREE.. Yes 100% all with the single front end sale– thats a saving of over $200!


Bonus 1- Get exclusive access to my private domain flipping Facebook Page. Here you can discuss anything domain related, talk about domains, swop domains, sell domains. anything you want. Learn the latest tricks and tactics and get all the help you need! This is a PRIVATE group that only domineers have access to! EXCLUSIVE

Bonus 2- As part of my Private Access Facebook Group I will be holding a live webinar where you can ask questions an we can go over exactly what you have done to make money. Listen to others as they tell you how to successfully buy and sell domains and turn this into a real side hustle!

Bonus 3- I will also give you access to my best ever selling training Flipadom. Watch over the shoulder as I make money selling domains. This will compliment Get Domains and give you some serious buying and selling power!

Bonus 4 Fiverlicious (My Best Selling Course Over 2500 Sold). Watch how I show you EXACTLY how I made $6000 on Fiverr with NO skills whatsoever and over 100 success stories from people who have implemented my system! I will show you with over the shoulder videos EXACTLY how I outsource EVERYTHING and turned over $6000 for free!

Bonus 5 Fiverlicious OTO 1– Grab my best ever converting OTO 1 for Fiverlicious where I will show you an even quicker way to make money on Fiverr starting TODAY!  This method can easily help you make money in a few days on Fiverr with this super easy additional method.

Bonus 6- Fiverlicious OTO 2. Yes, I am giving you the FULL Fiverlicious Funnel for FREE! With OTO 1 and OTO 2 you now have everything you need to be successful with Fiverr and make a successful business starting TODAY!

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