Forsaken Traffic Review And Bonus

Forsaken Traffic Review And Bonus


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Forsaken Traffic Review And Bonus

Welcome to my review of Forsaken by Philip Johansen. Some of you may have heard of Philip some not…he is new to the MMO world but has hit the road running and has brought out some quality training.

Now as you know I do not affiliate a lot of offers for a number of reasons, but the main one being quality…if the training/software does not do what it says on the tin then I don’t review it, I do not want you wasting your hard earned money.

Now, I have reviewed Forsaken as I like it…its a method I am aware of and have used but a lot of you will not have..its 100% worth a look and it simply works.

forsaken traffic review
forsaken traffic review

What is Forsaken Traffic?

Forsaken Traffic is all around ranking on Google.

As you know Google is the most powerful search engine in the world and if you can get yourself on page 1 you can certainly increase your chances of making some serious money, if you really lucky you can get yourself the no 1 position which GUARANTEES sales every-time.

My review of my own product Flipadom from 18 months ago is still on page 1 of Google and still brings in passive income!

But getting your website or review onto Google is hard… there is always a lot of competition and if you have a site that is aged and very well backlinked you will always rank. For me my site does rank but I ensure it does, for every affiliate campaign I write a well structured review (Like this), I heavily using Social Signals (See Bonus), I post the review on Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress Sites, and my Facebook Pages…all these are aged and help me rank….its a ton of work.

forsaken traffic review
forsaken traffic review

But is there an easier way? Yes and No!

What Forsaken Traffic does is show you a short cut to help you get onto page 1 of Google… now let me say this does not guarantee you a place but your chances are greatly enhanced in the method Philip shows. As I said I have used this method hundreds of times when I first started so I know this works… what it will not do is keep you there forever… for that you need proper SEO, aged accounts and backlinks.

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But… if you were clever you can use this method as Philip describes.. Personally I would use this to target those MMO offers that do not have hundreds of affiliates jumping all over it… you will never compete with these… but if there is an offer with not many affiliates on and you use this method you 100% can get your site or review onto Page 1!

forsaken traffic review
forsaken traffic review


Forsaken Traffic FE ($12.95): Your customers will learn how to rank on page 1 of google for anything they want for free. This can be used for CPA Offers, Affiliate Marketing, E-com Stores, Local Businesses, Dropshipping, Bloggers and MANY more!
Upgrade 1  – Pro version($37) Customers will find out how they tap into 20x more traffic in the same amount of time. 20x more traffic = 20x more profit.
Upgrade 2 ($67) – Local Takeover. You will find out how to use this strategy to help local businesses rank their websites with only 10 minutes of work. This service can be sold up to $500 per month per client. These local businesses pay up to $2000-$5000 per month to  get on first page of google. When you are able to show them you are able to do it for $500/month you will get a tsunami of passive income. This works in every language thus it is universally applicable to anyone. This ONLY takes 10 minutes of your time to make $500/month passively. Spend 60 minutes and you can earn $3,000/month passively.  This is the BEST way to monetize forsaken traffic.
Upgrade 3 ($97) DFY Super Funnel You will be able to import a done for you super funnel personally made by us to rank on google to build your list and earn commissions daily for free. Instant approval to sell forsaken traffic
Upgrade 4 ($97) License Rights Sell Forsaken Traffic as your own and earn 100% commissions throughout the whole funnel
Upgrade 5 ($147) Income Overhaul You get 100% license rights to ALL our past products. They are, Superstar cashrain, Affiliate magician, Cyphon, Dark knight commissions, The Kingdom Builder and High Ticket Hero. Apply the Forsaken Traffic Method to rank all these high converting offers on page 1 and have 6 passive income streams and earn 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel for all 6 products.
Do I recommend Forsaken Traffic?
This is a method that works. I have used it very successfully in the past so I know this training works as described. If you are looking for a fast quick way to rank on Google then this is a no brainer.. it works…simple.

Grab Forsaken Traffic via my link and get the below for FREE as part of my ThankYou Bonus Bundle.


Bonus 1 : I will give you full access to my own PLR store and Warrior Plus Product Pocket PLR. This will give you immediate access to over 1500 quality PLR products that you can use in your promotions. This is my personal product that I sell for $49.99 on W+.

Bonus 2 : I will give you 40 further bonus from some of the top affiliate marketers including Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace. This bundle includes some of their full price products saving you a fortune. This is a one off and limited to the first 25 sales only. Value $249.00 

Bonus 3 : I have put together my own BESPOKE EXCLUSIVE bonus  where I will reveal EXACTLY how and where I get my ideas for bonuses from! As you know I do not offer the same old bonuses a lot of affiliates do… this is my method I have NEVER revealed before.. This is worth the price of the FE product alone! I have only revealed this to my paying students but for the first 25 sales only you can get this too!     Value $249.00 (Never revealed before)

Bonus 4 : Another EXCLUSIVE BESPOKE bonus that only I am offering.You know have you amazing high converting bonus page which you can drive traffic to.. but do you know that the big guru’s spend a ton of money in sending social signals to their offers? Social signals are some of the easiest ways to get your page ranked on Google and to get you sales.. I will give you 125 social signals to your bonus page which will give you amazing authority over other marketers and help rank your page in Google..this is EXCLUSIVE to my offer and strictly limited to the first 25 Sales Only..  Value $49.95

Bonus 5 : STRICTLY LIMITED TO FIRST 10 SALES ONLY- I will send to your blog or website 1000 visitors, yes 1000 visitors to your website or blog! Now I cannot guarantee sales but Google with love all the attention you are getting which in turn will help you rank! Its the No Brainer Bonus!!

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