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Flipadom Review

Read My Full Review Of Maybe The Best Product Released So Far In 2018….

Why? It’s My Own Product!

Pre Review Released 14th May 2018 11 EST


Read my full review on Flipadom which I created along with the super affiliates Trevor Carr and Jonus Lindgren which shows you a super simple way to make easy cash straight into your pocket! Step by step over the shoulder videos shows you EXACTLY what to do and how to make money flipping domains…and all for $7 !


Flipadom is released on 14th May 2018 and is set to be one of the biggest winners of the year!  I first got into Domain Selling about 6 months ago after months of research trying to find the ‘Secret Sauce’ of how to buy low and sell high. After six months I found it! I looked at other domain courses on the market and they were either not up to date or you had no chance of making any money… hence Flipadom was created.(Thanks To Trevor C for the great name).


Flipadom is made up of the following videos :

Video 1- Introduction by Bobby D himself

Video 2- Income Proof

Video 3- Were to buy low priced domains

Video 4- Where to buy low and sell high.

Video 5- More domain mining

Video 6-Implementing the system

Video 7-Implementing the system (2)

Video 8-Where to Sell Your Domains

In Flipadom which is a full video course I will show you step by step :

  • What is Domain Flipping
  • Where To Find Domain Names
  • What Domain Names Sell And Why
  • Where To Buy Low And Sell High
  • The Free Software You MUST Have For This System (100% Free)
  • There Are Two Three OTO’s, OTO 1 Is A Must Have For Making $100 A Day Selling Domains.

Video Review

If you are looking for an easy way and more importantly a Fun way to make money online, Flipadom has everything you need! If you are looking at earning some extra cash for those little luxuries we all deserve Domain Flipping is a great business to get into. You can scale this up as much as you want or just sell a few domains every week to make some extra money. And the best bit.. you get paid INSTANTLY via PayPal for any domains you sell. Perfect!


OTO 1- Advanced Strategies by Bobby. I take you by the hand and demonstrate a very powerful “no list” strategy for fast commissions that he’s been using to increase his profits.

OTO2 – $27 Flipadom Power by Trevor. Trevor shows the user how he was able to apply a unique twist to the Flipadom process and was able to flip 3 VIP domains in 3 days, turning a handsome profit!


OTO3 – $47 Resale Rights. Your list will get 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel
We’ve seen a lot of affiliates making a LOT of money with the resale rights to our products recently


Bobby Dazzlers Bonus Offers!

Bonus 1 Valued $47


Bonus 2 Valued $47


Bonus 3 Valued $79


Bonus 4 Valued $49



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    Is this video or PDF?
    Looks amazing and I love domains. Good luck Bobby D

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