EMAIL FIRE 3 Review And Bonus

Email Fire 3 Review


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EMAIL FIRE 3 Review And Bonus

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Welcome to my review of Email Fire 3 by Kam Fatz. So I first started talking to Kam online a few months ago when he was offering advice on how to send emails to your list, Kam is an established email copywriter and his emails are proven to convert.

I asked Kam to have a look over my autoresponder series and sent him the emails that I send to my list. A few hours later Kam send me a personal video around 20 minutes long giving me tips and advice on how to improve my open and send rates..

email fire series 3
email fire series 3

This is something I hold other marketers in high regard for…Kam sent me no offer, no charge..just helpful advice to help my online business… Kam is a good guy!

And the best bit…my non responsive list was now responsive!

What Is Epic Fire 3 Review ?

This is a 4 Week Premium Indoctrination Email Series For The Internet Marketing Niche.

It will build rapport and authority for you and is designed to get your audience ready to buy things that you want to sell them…Basically if you have an unresponsive list this will kick that list into life and make them ready to buy again!

email fire series 3
email fire series 3


Over 11,000 words and 4 weeks worth of emails…

Interesting and thought provoking stories to build rapport…

Packed with actionable content to build authority…

Laced with engagement loops so that you can test how interested your list is in what you have to say…

Lined with Click Through loops so that you can measure how ready your list is to buy from you…

A system like this will allow you to measure engagement, rapport with list, and adjust based on performance…

Take cold leads or unresponsive email lists and get them responding and ready to buy from you.

Watch My Full Review-


Email Fire 3 is a PREMIUM 4 week email engagement series for the digital marketing niche.

Throughout the 4 weeks it tells stories and teaches in the areas of:

WEEK 1 – Lead Acquisition
WEEK 2 – Email Marketing
WEEK 3 – Free Content Creation                                                                        WEEK 4: Affiliate Marketing

Proof It Works

The below screen shot is an image from my Autoresponder account one hour after I sent one of Kam’s emails-this was to a list that had not opened a single email of mine in 3 months..after one hour a 4.66% open rate.. Thats actually very good!

email fire 3 review
email fire 3 review

Bobby’s Recommendation : Getting your emails right is the hardest part of affiliate marketing, some people like short snappy emails, some like long, some like in-between! I do a mixture of all three!

As I said earlier I took Kams advice earlier in the year and sent a 7 day re activation email series to my list which worked!

Now what I will say is Kam’s emails are different, they are probably different then the ones you currently write..they are story based and some of them are long…but this is what grabs the attention of your subscriber, it drags them in and makes them want to read the next one…its actually genius!

I use this system to anyone on my list who has not clicked an email in three months.. with this series I now get an open rate of around 11 percent which means about 40 brand new subscribers back into my list…and this means more sales!

So do I recommend Email Series 3.. If you have an unresponsive list or non openers 100% yes! This works simple and Kam’s cut and paste emails do not get any easier to use.


We Go Live on Friday August 7th at 1am

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