Contenu Review And Super Bonus

Contenu Review And Super Bonus

Welcome to my review of Contenu Review. This is a revolutionary new way that allows you to generate free traffic using other peoples content in an amazing way!

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>> Click Here to Get the Contenu + Your Super Bonus Package <<

Only 75 11  Bonus Packages Left


What is Contenu..?

The easiest way to make a substantial income on the internet with hardly any work!

In  4 clicks — you can create 100% unique content direct from anyones, yes anyones You Tube videos! You can then post this content onto your blog and other social media platforms including one that PAY YOU for posting content.

Money Making Method 

You can these newly spun  posts direct to PayPost.

This is a platform you can post to and make easy money. Just post and get paid.

Money Making Method.

`Post your video content to your blog on automatically. The content is so  unique so you can get better ranking on search engines. So easy to use ANYONE can use it.

contenu Review


No Monthly quota, unlimited use of plugin including post formatting and auto re-posting

Training Additions:

PayPosts – 12 Step-by-step videos (Additional)

PayPosts – Case studies

PayPosts – Finding Opportunities to Earn Extra from posts

Formula #3 – Monetization method #3. . CONTENU PRO comes complete with full Supercharged Adsense training consisting of step by step videos detailing every step required. The whole process is 99% passive… Insert Ad code and post content… that’s it.

370 Daily Blog Trick – Video examples & case studies


Unlimited use (same as OTO1)

  • Schedule Your Content / Post Creation – automate content creation / income generation becomes hands free (Fully Automated),
  • Scheduled posting.
  • Instant traffic through Buffer integration for social media syndication… (Post shared on scheduled publish)
  • Ability to create longer posts by combining multiple videos using Tray Feature
  • Unlimited sites installs: Use MASTER (OTO2) on unlimited sites

Training Additions:

15 MORE Secret Social Media Sites That Pay You to Post

  • Like Facebook (only they pay you to post) ‘Secret Platform’ Intro. This decentralised and community run platform is all set to explode… Helen should know as she’s on the management team!
  • Dtube – Imagine if YouTube paid you to post videos… YouTube don’t do that but Dtube does.


  • Flip Sites for Big Money with plugin attached. Video training shows how to flip sites for 4 or 5 figures. Includes: Listing templates.
  • Plus: Developer / Agency: which allows sites to be sold with plugin installed.
  • Plus: Enables / allows user to build / run / develop adsense sites for customers with plugin installed.

Training Additions: CONTENU Coach

CONTENU Group coaching.

  • FB group.
  • Additional training videos
  • Interviews
  • Hand holding.
  • Action plan.
  • Help / advice from Helen regarding all things PayPost and related.
  • Best practices / advice where required/needed.
  • Fortnightly Q&A style webinars & replay after live
  • Plus: help with additional marketing, Blog, 370 Daily Blog Trick and Plugin related help by Mark & Zeeshan.

>> Click Here to Get the Contenu + Your Super Bonus Package <<

Only 75 11  Bonus Packages Left


In Summary 

Contenu is the ideal product to make money quickly and easily from extracting unique content from videos. This is a unique content creation method because you can turn speech into text-based writing. It even includes images and tags. Its just amazing,

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Have you noticed that every business has a huge social media presence? Well now you can learn how to grow your own massive social media empire for your business or if you don’t have a business learn to profit directly from Social Media or sell your services to other big business.


Full course PDF training – 10 HD video training that will walk you through how to use the ever growing Bing Ads platform to get cheap clicks and high converting campaigns – Everything that you should know about making money on Bing but probably don’t

10 PDF  and 10 HD Videos that will start you at the very beginning of FB ads and slowly teach you how to master the new FB platform so that you can get crazy Return on Investment.

This super bonus package is HUGE and an absolute whopper and packed full of tonnes of extra powerful training, strategies and methods giving you a huge advantage.

This super bonus package will be gone VERY QUICKLY because I’m only allowing 75 bonus package copies to be given away this time which is not many at all so just make sure you pick up the new course quickly to secure your super bonus package spot. If you miss this super bonus package you will truly be missing out because as I said in my video my bonuses alone are worth a lot more than the main course itself.

>> Click Here to Get the Contenu + Your Super Bonus Package <<

Only 75 11  Bonus Packages Left


Closing Thoughts: This method is very good and offers exceptional value..

I’m super happy to recommend this to you because I know you will really like it.

These 75 super bonus packages WILL GO QUICKLY so make sure you grab it early.

Once you have purchased the course your bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area or just email me at [email protected] and I will send them to you.

Grab your copy below..

Any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you.

Bobby D

>> Click Here to Get the Contenu + Your Super Bonus Package <<

Only 75 11  Bonus Packages Left



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