Hey team,In this video I’m going to show you the ┬ábest ways to get started with affiliate marketing, no matter what budget you’re at. So whether you have $0 and you want get started for free, I’ll teach you the best way to do that today.

What is affiliate marketing?  Basically affiliate marketing is just referrals from someone to you, i.e. you sell their product and make a profit…So that’s as simple as I can make it!

When I started I had very little money to invest. But you can easily start to make money..

Step One:  Start a YouTube channel. >>See My Channel And Subscribe Here

Step Two : Upload videos to that channel, that are related to affiliate products and content. So this can be reviews, it can be comparisons, it can be tutorials, but basically you want to create content that is going to promote these products, whether directly or indirectly, and then you’re going to  promote them through your YouTube channel because YouTube is completely free to start.

Now, what are the benefits of starting a YouTube channel? You need to start a YouTube channel because  other methods, using stuff like ClickFunnels, which does cost $97 a month after your free trial runs out. You can get started with YouTube for free today. You have no excuses ,You Tube is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing. I’m telling you the best way, it’s YouTube, why? One, it’s free, two, it’s a video advertising, which is the most effective form of marketing these days and it is the future of advertising.

Video is no 1, everyone loves video..YouTube’s completely free, and then on top of that  you can sell to people so much easier through video and YouTube will actually get you views for free, depending on the quality of your video.  YouTube will actually drive people and get traffic to your videos.

Another way you can do it is through personal brand. I am just starting this which you may have noticed, not only doing reviews but giving insights into my daily life. This makes people like you, be your friend, subscribe and ultimately sell.

You also need a blog, or a review site.. Mine is

Take a look at copy it, yes copy it! Once you have some reviews on on your blog put a link in your you tube video..more sales, more subscribers, more money.

So, start a YouTube channel, I would do either a personal brand page or I would do sort of focusing on reviews in a certain niche, like affiliate marketing.

Number two I would create the website.  Starting a site does not need to be expensive, I have used every hosting company there is and the BEST one by far is>>>> Site Ground. 

I host 9 websites on SiteGroud and it costs me 7 dollars! The customer service is amazing and I cannot praise them enough. Once you have hosting you can load up WordPress for free, choose a free theme and start your website. Post at least one video or review a day. Get that site ranking with google, more reviews and more views the better ranking. I have put together a quick video on how to do this ion You Tube which you can watch here >>>>How To Make A Blog

If you get totally stuck head over to >>>>Fiverr and get someone to help you for $5.. I use this all the time and it saves you a ton of time, and its super cheap!

So thats the easy way to get started, You Tube and a Blog.. its how I got started and what I use every single day. The best bit, once you put up a video or blog its Passive Income for life!

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Good Luck And Take Action.

Bobby D