(Blog Post) How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

What The Hell is Affiliate Marketing And Will It Make Me Rich!…

Everyone has heard of Affiliate Marketing, its an intriguing subject, a really simple idea . Find a product, make sure it sells, affiliate it and make a commission… easy right!

For me it’s really important that any product you affiliate you fully test out and give an honest review..now some affiliate marketers will review a product, lets say a bad product..but say its good…all they want is the sale. I do things different. If I try a product and its bad I report on this, I do not want my customers and my list buying crap products that I am promoting. Be honest..it’s the best policy!

There are many  benefits of being an affiliate marketer, the obvious one is  passive income, thats an income with little work..perfect! Best bit is you get commissions even when your sleeping!

You can affiliate as many products as you want. As long as you get traffic to the offers you can make money. There is no stock to buy, you can get a review copy or even purchase it then do a full review, thats how we all started out. Once you have completed a review, on You Tube or your blog just put your link in and leave it alone…passive income!

How much money you make is down to you but the big affiliate marketers out there can make thousands of pounds per product.

Getting Started

Search on Facebook and join some groups. Grab a mentor, search You Tube. Look at Warrior Plus and JVZOO, sign up to munch eye.

You will need to think how you are going to do reviews, I suggest on your You Tube Channel ( ==>>See Mine Here For Examples) and you will need a blog/a review site. Your Reading mine now so take notes on what I do. You will also need hosting, there is only one company I recommend and the one I use every day (====>>See  Here For Details)

Look at You Tube and other marketers blogs and see what they do. If you like their style of blog or review then do one similar..just do not copy it word for word!

If you want a real easy heads up then my own product ’20 Minute Tactics’ will give you a great grounding in how to get started with funnels and magnets etc. ==>>See For Yourself Here

20 minute tactics

Tips on Becoming Successful

You will not become rich overnight as an affiliate marketer. But, its a great way to earn passive income and top up your lifestyle. Learn, learn and learn again. Build your audience. Keep them engaged.

1. Only Affiliate Once Or Twice A Week (Maybe Three)

The first mistake a lot of affiliate marketers make is affiliating everything! They email their list to death and soon its burnt out and everyone loses interest. Personally I usually affiliate one or a max of 2 offers a week. That way I keep it fresh, keep the content up to date and keep my customers engaged.

2. Use Different Traffic Sources to Promote Products

Use free traffic, solo ads, banners, google, bing.. the more traffic the more sales.

3. Research..

If the product in demand. Is the seller someone who releases quality products over quantity. Try the product out.. then do an honest review.

I am sure I haven’t covered everything so please feel free to share your tips in the comment area below.

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