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Avalanche Traffic Review And CRAZY Bonus


Hello Team, So as some of you know from my recent Face Book Posts  I have been spending a lot of time building my YouTube channel..

In December 2019 I had about 150 subscribers..today I have 2.3 thousand.. oh and I have had over 300,000 views and over 4 thousand hours of watch time..plus I am now monetised..I made eight dollars yesterday!

You Tube is massive at the moment and always will be with over 3 billion views a month..this is something I really wanted to be a part of so with myself and super affiliate Marc Gray  put together the best YouTube training you have ever seen with over 16 over the shoulder videos revealing EXACTLY how I do it!  If your interested here is my channel >>Bobby D’s Channel.

avalanche Traffic Review
avalanche Traffic Review

Now there is one question that comes up time and time again when ever You Tube is mentioned.. a lot of people do not like to have their face on camera or even their voice.. so what can you do..?

Plenty! We will show you methods were you NEVER have to show you face or even use your voice..Ever..

Not only do we show you ways around this we actually give you some amazing software that you can use with Microsoft Powerpoint to make you own YT videos, slideshows,into and outro’s..this is included in the front end so you start immediately!

avalanche traffic review
avalanche traffic review

Over the last year I have purchased numerous YT training videos to help me get started..did they help? Some did but none actually gave my channel the boost it needed.. no one explained the ‘Secret Sauce’ needed to get your views going viral..99% of the YT training out there is the same..

So myself and Marc decided to do something about it and put together Avalanche Traffic..


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In December with only 150 subscribers I decided I would make a go of You Tube.. for those who follow me or who have seen my ‘About Me Page’ you will know I do affiliate marketing part time.. I am a father of 6, I work 60+ hours a week and literally don’t stop.. So I am always looking for ways to make a passive recurring income and YT is the perfect platform.

avalanche traffic review
avalanche traffic review

In Avalanche Traffic myself and Marc wanted to ensure that we give you everything, that’s why it has taken us three months to put this together, we have loaded the front end with everything yo need to learn all the tips and tricks we use every day to build our channels.. and if you follow the training you can to. So we put all the below together into the front end to give you as much value as possible..

Module 1 BRANDING & GOOGLE   Inside, we reveal our tactics for branding a YouTube channel so it stands out from your competition……along with our tactics for Google.

Module 2 FINDING OFFERS THAT TURN VISITORS INTO $$$   In this module, Bobby explains his process for picking winning offers that convert visitors into cash.

Module 3 MAKING A NO FACE VIDEO+Other Methods   It can be embarrassing to show your face online for everyone to see. And that’s exactly why we put together a module that shows how exactly how to make this work without showing your face…

Module 4 HOW TO CREATE ATTENTION GRABBING THUMBNAILS.  Inside this module, Bobby shows exactly how you can put together stunning thumbnails that stand out. All within minutes!

Module 5 HOW TO EDIT VIDEOS.  Worry not, you don’t have to spend weeks learning complicated editing software. In this module, Bobby shows you exactly how to quickly edit a video so it’s ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

Module 6 REVIEW VIDEOS WITH A TWIST.  In this module, we show a different way of making review videos. You might think it’s crazy but it works! This is an easy way for ANYONE to fill their affiliate accounts with some commissions.

Module 7 HOW TO PUT YOUTUBE ON STEROIDS.  Inside, we reveal a free yet powerful tool that we use to dramatically EXPLODE our views, likes & subscribers. It’s like putting YouTube on steroids!

Module 8 RANKING SECRETS FROM AN EXPERT.  In this module, ranking expert & super affiliate Marc Gray shares his advice for ranking your vids higher in the search results. He shares everything from optimizing the video title, description, and much more!

Module 9 HOW TO FIND CONTENT & PIGGYBACKING Inside, Bobby shows his process for finding video ideas, along with our “piggybacking” method.

Module 10 ANOTHER FREE POWERFUL TOOL.  In this module, we’ll show you another completely free yet powerful tool that you can use to optimize your channel for more views, and subscribers!

Module 11 EVERGREEN VIDEOS & 2 CASE STUDIES.   In this module, we’re going to show you how to make what we call “evergreen videos”.These are videos that you create once, and continue to bring in traffic months or even years after you make them. We include 2 case studies that prove our evergreen video method works!

Module 12 HOW TO PROPERLY USE COMMENTS AND TAGS.  If you want to get traffic on YouTube, properly using comments & tags is crucial.  In this module, shows you how to do just that.

Module 13 TIPS AND TRICKS Inside, Bobby shares his top 7 tips that’l make your YouTube journey easier…

avalanche traffic review
avalanche traffic review

You will see there is a TON of content is here and with Marc Grays SEO skills there is no YT course like this out there. If you are serious about making a success of YT or turning your YT channel into a real business (Like I Am Doing) then Avalanche Traffic is for you..I  achieved all the below and you can to.. remember to Take Action and make it happen..

Now do I recommend Avalanche Traffic.. this is a bit biased as its my own product but this is the best product I have ever produced and one I am proud of and 100% am behind..so it gets a 10/10 from me!

One Time Offers

OTO 1 – $37 – DFY Pack Graphics Mega Pack– Thousands Of High Quality Images To Use On Your Thumbnails Or Videos, 300 High Res Backgrounds to make you presentation or thumbnails really stand out, How To Courses- 15 full video ‘How To’ Courses you can literally upload to your channel, optimize and get views and subscribers for..a great way to start your channel off, Golden Niches– The Best Niches To Create Videos On Clickbank, Spreadsheet of the best recurring networks that bring you in passive income every month,Video POP (Massive Package to create your own Explainer Videos using PowerPoint – Includes Whiteboard Video Set – Viral Video Box – Full Tutorial Videos – Pro Pack PowerPoint – high converting sales page.

OTO 2 – – Advanced Training-  $47- How to get instant channel authority, Marcs Method for even more channel authority/views,Building an EMPIRE of Ranking Link Juice! Never Seen Outside my 1 to 1 coaching,Done For You Powerpoint Template ,FB Private Access To Bob And Marc. (Highly Recommended OTO)

OTO 3 – Done For You  -$97- Full social media  Set up with 10 social media accounts ready to go,4 High Converting Thumbnails to use on canvas to edit and use as your own.

OTO 4- Licence Rights $197 100% Funnel OTO 4  License Rights

Please Find Below The Bonus’s I Am Giving Away With The Purchase Of Avalanche Profits, These Will Help Speed Up Everything Around Your YouTube Channel And Other Social Media Accounts.

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Bonus 1- Access To Us-Grab this today and I will give you access to the secret Facebook group run by Marc Grey and myself where you can ask any questions about Youtube directly to us.. we have NEVER done this before and its like having us on tap to speak to!  This is LIMITED to the first 25 customers only.

Bonus 2 Vendor Bonuses- Amazing Banner creation software perfect for creating banners for your newYouTube Channel, you could even sell these on Fiverr!

Bonus 3 Vendor Bonuses-Celebrity Youtube..How to make your channel go viral and get more views plus tons of tips and tricks to make your channel and branding go viral!

Bonus 4- YouTube Ads Mastery-Get the full YouTube Ads mastery course as part of this bonus offer, everything from setting up ads, how to do it, cheat sheets, sales pages everything! You can rebrand this yourself and sell it on!

Bonus 5-Secret Web Traffic –brilliant method for getting thousands of free web site visitors to your affiliate offers simply by making simple posts. I have used this very successfully in the past and is a method some of the big affiliates still use to this day..its super powerful!

Bonus 6- Instagram Secrets-My very own short course in PDF format around building your Instagram Profile- YouTube and Instagram go hand in hand so it makes sense to conquer both at the same time.. with my methods you can easily!

<<Grab Avalanche Traffic And My Bonus Bundle Here<<















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