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Launching 29th Feb at 7:00am EST

Welcome to my review of Affiliate Profit Formula by Jamie Gardiner!

Affiliate Profit Formula will show you three ways that you can make money online everyday. These methods are tried and tested and 100% work, in fact I use two of them myself but will shortly be using the third!


In February 2018 Jamie was pointed in the right direction as to what he was doing wrong, on how he could make money every day as an affiliate marketer..Jamie jumped on this training and went straight through it the moment he got it.

Could this finally be the light at the end of the tunnel? YES!!


.The Affiliate Profit Formula is not one, not two, but THREE PROVEN and easy-to-setup methods to finally help you find that affiliate success you’ve yearned for. Use in isolation or together to maximise your results and your returns!

Method 1. 
A time-tested method for bringing in consistent income online (works DAILY). Around 1 hour of work can provide passive income for 3-4 days after. The best result I saw (not mine, sadly) was $38k off the back of it. This looks to arbitrage low competition and high returns off one of the worlds largest sites. (Hint: It’s Youtube, but not the way you think)

Method 2.
This method allowed me to make money time and time again, build my reputation and my asset base. If ever I needed some extra cash, I would do this one thing and be able to pay for it. Better yet, it is timeless and will remain true for many years to come. In fact, it’s origins lie in the times way before the internet, but this is completely new for 2020 and beyond!

Method 3.
This one is probably my favourite. I can either choose to do the very simple work myself, or completey outsource it very easily. This makes me passive income monthly….In fact, I plan on doubling down on my efforts with this as I still believe it is untapped. Do this once and you may have PASSIVE INCOME from it for MONTHS and even YEARS later!

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3 Easy-To-Follow Methods: Three easy-to-follow, powerful methods for pulling ​in the results DAILY

Newbie Friendly: ​Literally ANYONE with a computer can follow these methods!​

Leveraging FREE traffic: Whilst there are options available if you have a budget, there’s certainly no need to fork out more cash. With these strategies, they leverage FREE traffic!


Is it hard to setup?

Not At ALL! In fact, one of the income streams you can setup in just an hour or so!

How ​quick can I expect to see results?

​There are opportunities everyday to make money with this. It’s really up to you how quickly you implement the training!

​I’m brand new​. Will it work for me?

​Yes! This is designed for beginners and experts alike. No stoneis left unturned with how to make this work for you!

Do I need a website?

​No! That’s the brilliant thing about these strategies is you are leveraging off existing assets!

Do I need any software to make it work?

​Nope! Sure, there are a couple of things which will help make your life easier, but those aren’t necessary to get it to work.


Affiliate Profit Formula Army – Outsource your most menial tasks for these methods for cents on the dollar. $47 

Affiliate Profit Formula Coaching – Having spent the better part of a decade in digital marketing, I have a ton of knowledge and will take your students through how I am able to hit $10k months. $197.

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My Secret Facebook Hack
I will show you a method that makes me 10+ sales everytime using FREE Facebook Traffic!
YouTube IM Blueprint
As you know I am building my YT channel and have gone from zero subscribers to over 1700 subscribers in a few months.. I will show you how!
Instagram Images
Social media is massive- let me show you how to smash it with Instagram!
Free Traffic Method
Traffic is the lifeline of any online business. If you cannot tap into traffic online, you’re leaving money on the table. More importantly, your business will not survive without it. So, today you’re in luck, as you are going to learn how to tap into some unknown sources of free traffic within this 5 part video tutorial to gain you more traffic
Hot Paid Traffic
Paid traffic is the quickest and easiest way to make money- I will show you how!
Money Monster
An ‘untapped’ $100-$200 per day method that uses free traffic to build you a passive/recurring income business.

How to create profitable solo ad traffic campaigns How to set up and run profitable solo ad traffic campaigns.

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