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My Name Is Bobby D (Also known as Bobby Dazzler in the IM world). I live in the UK, Surrey, and I am married with 6 kids, yes, 6 kids! For my full IM journey see the other tab…its interesting reading!

I have been in the internet marketing world for about 3 years but decided to make this work in 2018. I have tried everything there is to try to make money online, I ran a successful Fiverr account, I made over $6000 in 3 months, I then ran a successful Ebay Store selling hoover bags, yep they sell by the boat load! ┬áBut soon realised this was a lot of effort for little reward… thats when I got into affiliate marketing.

I now sell affiliate products and also sell my own make money products. My most successful and best selling IM product being Flipadom, which is my method on how to sell domains and make $125 per day, every day!

I also run this review site and give honest reviews..if its great I will tell you… if its crap… I will tell you! I have no affiliation to any of the guru’s and prefer to tell my customers how it is…

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If you purchase a product from my site, first off thank you, I really appreciate it and secondly I always give away bonus offers, just check the bottom of each review to see what bonus offers I am offering.

Please Read =====>>‘My Story’ To Find Out More About My Internet Marketing Journey

Many Thanks and please contact me with any questions.

Bobby D

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